Ventral Hernia

Ventral Hernia / Umbilical Hernia Treatment

Ventral hernia is caused due to protrusion of a omentum or bowel through a defect in the weakened anterior abdominal wall. This causes a bulge in the anterior abdominal wall along with discomfort and pain usually in or around umbilicus.

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If left untreated, Ventral hernia could lead to –

  1. Incarceration - Trapping of intestines in a weakened abdominal wall defect.
  2. Obstruction - When bowel gets stuck it leads to obstruction of intestinal contents causing vomiting, pain, distension of abdomen with constipation.
  3. Strangulation (blockage of blood supply). An inappropriate supply of blood may cause a part of the intestine to begin to decay. It is associated with severe pain and discoloration at hernial site.

Symptoms of Ventral Hernia –

  1. Visibly growing bulge in or around the umbilicus(umbilical hernia).
  2. Tenderness and discomfort in the affected area.
  3. Pain on coughing and lifting heavy objects.
  4. Increase in the intensity of pain while standing and decrease while lying down.
  5. Nausea and vomiting.

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Causes of Ventral Hernia –

  1. Straining during urination or during defecating
  2. Lifting heavy weights.
  3. Presence of collagen vascular disease.
  4. Chronic cough.
  5. Obesity.
  6. Pregnancy.
  7. Genetic factors.
  8. Smoking.
  9. Diagnosis of Ventral Hernia 
  10. Physical examination – A physical examination to detect visible bulges is the preliminary test for detecting ventral hernia.
  11. Imaging techniques – Imaging techniques like Ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT Scan) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are prescribed for confirming the presence of a growing ventral hernia.

Treatment of Ventral hernia –

Laparoscopic repair (Lap IMPOM Repair) – A laparoscopic repair is done with the help of instruments. This procedure required small incisions and an adequate sized mesh is placed and fixed after reducing the Hernia contents. It is important to size the mesh properly covering a safe distance beyond all sides of defect to prevent recurrence. The meshes used in such repairs have adhesion barrier coated on the surface in contact with bowel. At our Laparoscopy Hospital we provide effective ventral hernia surgery and umbilical hernia treatment with expert Laparoscopic Surgeon in new delhi, india


Authored By Dr.Nikhil Agnihotri

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