Incisional Hernia

Incisional Hernia Treatment

An Incisional Hernia is caused by a surgical wound in the abdomen that has healed incompletely. It usually occurs as a bulge near or at the area where a surgical incision was made at abdominal region.

Incisional hernia treatment New Delhi
Symptoms of Incisional Hernia –

  1. Bulge or protrusion at or near the location of surgical scar in the abdominal area.
  2. Pain and swelling.
  3. Nausea and vomiting.
  4. Redness indicating infection.
  5. Infection and foul smelling drainage.
  6. Abdominal distension and constipation.

Causes of Incisional Hernia –

  1. Inappropriate lifting of heavy objects.
  2. Straining weakened surgical scars by overexerting the tissues. 
  3. Taking inappropriate wound care/ poor wound care.
  4. Infections of incompletely healed wounds.
  5. Poor stitching of wounds.
  6. Obesity. 
  7. Straining while urinating or passing stool. 
  8. Chronic cough.

Diagnosis of Incisional Hernia –

  1. Physical examination – A thorough physical examination helps detect bulges caused by incisional hernia.
  2. Imaging techniques - Ultrasound, X-ray, Computed Tomography (CT Scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can confirm the presence of incisional hernia.
  3. Blood tests – Blood tests may be prescribed for confirm infections caused by blockage of the intestine and to work up for surgery.

Treatment of Incisional Hernia –

incisional hernia surgery new delhi

Laparoscopic repair (Lap IPOM Repair) – A laparoscopic repair is done with the help of tiny instruments. In this type of abdominal hernia surgery, requires small incisions and an adequate sized mesh is placed and fixed after reducing the hernial contents. It is important to size the mesh properly covering a safe distance beyond all sides defect to prevent recurrence. The meshes used in such repairs have adhesion barrier coated on the surface in contact with bowel. It may take 2-3 days before normal bowel functions and motility returns.

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Authored By Dr.Nikhil Agnihotri

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